Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket Islands Bicycle Map


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Product Description

General and recreation features include:

  • Detailed regional road network including street names;
  • Ice Cream Shop locations and guide;
  • Bed & Breakfast locations and guide including features and price range;
  • Parks, forests, and reservations locations and guide;
  • Many other parks and picnic areas;
  • Swimming spots (both fresh- and salt-water) locations and guide;
  • Hostels;
  • Points of interest;
  • Visitor information centers;
  • Commuter rail lines and stations.

Bicycle-specific features include:

  • Recommended roads for cycling highlighted;
  • Hill arrows point uphill; thicker arrows indicate longer or steeper hills;
  • Mountain-biking trailheads, unpaved roads & trails;
  • Guide to mountain-biking areas with difficulty rating, brief description, trailhead locations, and contact phone number;
  • Bicycle paths and rail-trails;
  • Bicycle Shops locations and guide;
  • Information about bicycle safety, clubs, books, intermodal travel, etc.

The map scale of 2 miles to the inch permits showing all those “connecting roads” that go through and are often desirable for cycling. The maps show far more detail than typical “state” maps and cover much more area than city maps. We work hard to try to make the best regional maps available.