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MassBike is pleased to be able to offer Technical Assistance to Mass in Motion Communities around the state. We can provide support for projects that serve to promote policies and systems which encourage bicycling. This can include a variety of services, some of which are listed below. If there is a specific need that your community has, please contact the Program Manager at or call at (617) 542-2453.

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Bikeability Assessments
Bikeable Communities Training
Bicycle Planning Assistance
Research Assistance

Services Description

Bikeability Assessment

Massbike has developed a Bikeability Assessment Tool to provide a simple and effective way to evaluate areas for improvement in the built environment. It is designed to be used by local community members and groups, providing objective observations that can be used as a starting point to improve the community’s bicycle network.

To see an example of a final report from an assessment, click here.

Bikeable Communities Training

MassBike has developed a two-part training geared toward community leaders and citizens looking to improve biking conditions in their community. Both trainings are interactive, and the ideal attendee would be someone interested in learning more about the decision-making process.

The first training is geared toward how decisions are made, and how individuals and groups plug into that process. The second training focuses on policy, programmatic, and infrastructure project solutions that help overcome common barriers to biking. Each section of the training is 3 hours, with an optional site visit during the second training.

Visit our Bikeable Communities Training page to learn more.

Bicycle Planning Assistance

MassBike can help communities better incorporate bicycle elements into new or existing plans. This could take the form of inserting a section into a community’s Master Plan on bicycling, or creating a stand-alone Bicycle Master Plan.

Research Assistance

MassBike can help fill specific research needs in order to move forward with specific policies or programs to support bicycling. Some past topics have included public process, land use planning, and best practices with helmet policies.

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We are also happy to work with the individual needs of Mass in Motion Communities. For special requests, or for more information, please contact us by calling (617) 542-2453 or send an email to