Guide For New Riders


So you just got back on a bike, or perhaps you have been riding for a while and realize that you need a little help. No worries, MassBike has a great collection of resources that can help you get the most out of your biking experience, ride safely, and have fun!

Go By Bike: This document will give you a general safety overview, it uses easy to understand icons to help you know your place on the road (PDF scroll to the bottom of the page for the document).

Street Smarts: This fantastic book by John Allen delves deeply into the nuts and bolts of bicycle safety. Learn to make a left hand turn, learn how to ride safely in traffic, even what your rights and responsibilities are, this book has it all.

Same Roads Same Rules: MassBike’s outreach campaign to both motorists and cyclists!

Bicycle Skills Classes: Been a while since you have been on a bike? Need some more help than a book or a pamphlet can provide? You need one of our bicycle safety classes! Our expert instructors will provide you with the knowledge you need to be safe and have fun while riding your bicycle.

Know Your Rights: As a cyclist in Massachusetts you have the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else who is using the road. Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities.

Take Your Bike For A Ride: Sometimes you just don’t want to pedal the entire way, that’s why MassBike has been working with the MBTA to provide a myriad of commuter opportunities for you. Yes you CAN take your bike on the train!

Take Your Bike For A Ride In The Pioneer Valley: Even if you don’t live in Boston you can use public transport to get your bike around, check out this great guide to how to use public transport in the Pioneer Valley.

If all that wasn’t enough, here are fun tips for getting your bike ready for the road:

1. Inflate your tires to the pressure recommended on the sidewall. Use a floor pump (save the hand pump for roadside emergencies). If you’re riding on the road, use smooth, not knobby tires. Don’t use the pump at a gas station as it may push air into your tires too fast causing them to break.

2. How high should my seat be? Find out! Read Sheldon Brown on saddles.

3. What are all those gears for on your bike? Find out! Read Sheldon Brown on using your gears.

4. Having a hard time getting going? Read Sheldon Brown on starting.