Bikes On The MBTA



Here is a summary of the rules for taking bicycles on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority vehicles. For more detailed information please consult the MBTA Bikes on the T page.

Bicycles are allowed on:

Subway: Weekdays before 7 am, between 10 am and 4 pm, and after 7 pm. Weekends any time. Only 2 bikes per car. (Blue Line Project: reduced rush hour restrictions to 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm, and no restrictions in non peak direction)
Trolley (Green Line and Mattapan High-Speed Line): Not allowed.
Bus: Only on buses equipped with external racks. Not permitted on buses that substitute for rail.
Commuter Rail: All trains except during weekday peak hours in the peak direction.
Ferry boat: all times.

Folding bikes: When folded, are permitted on all commuter rail, subway, and bus any time.

Exceptions apply during holidays and special events.


Through MassBike’s efforts over the years, bicycles have gained much more access to the MBTA. Read about MassBike’s long history of working with the MBTA to make bikes and public transit more convenient for cyclists in Massachusetts. (History from 1977-2004 .doc)

September 2005, MassBike won a major victory when the MBTA announced that it plans to equip 250 buses in the Greater Boston area with bike racks. Please see our press release (.doc) for more details.

September 2008, MassBike was instrumental in getting Bike Cages installed at Alewife Station in Cambridge, expanding parking for 500 bikes; bus bike rack installation continues.

September 2009, MassBike worked hard to get another set of Bike Cages installed at the Forest Hills T-station in Boston. (more)

2010, MBTA commits to six more bike cages (now called Pedal & Parks) and 50 covered bike racks; bus rack installation reaches 70% of fleet.

2011, MassBike working with Chelsea Creek Action Group to expand rush hour bicycle access to the Blue Line to help people who live, work, or go to school in East Boston.

Currently Working hard to continue this proud tradition of advocacy!

To find out what’s happening with MassBike’s efforts in this area, or to get involved contact us.