National Bike Challenge

MassBike is proud to launch the National Bike Challenge in Massachusetts. This is a great opportunity to show the rest of the country how dedicated bicyclists in Massachusetts are! Building on the momentum of the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge, which took place during Bay State Bike Week, this friendly nation-wide competition runs through the end of September. We’re ready to hit the ground sprinting!

To register, do the following:

1. Visit and click “JOIN.”

National Bike Challenge_Join

2. Type in your Employer or School/University (optional).


3. If you are at a large employer, you can create teams within your company. To do so, click “Join a Team.”

Join a Team-01

4. Either create a team or join an existing team.

Join a Team_2-01

Prizes are given out on a monthly basis by the League of American Bicyclists. Powered by Endomondo, participants can track miles using a smartphone app or the Endomondo website. Once you register, all miles tracked through September automatically count toward the National Bike Challenge. Most importantly, we are competing against all 50 states! Let’s show them our biking prowess.