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Bicycling at Night? Use Lights and Reflectors!

With the days already growing shorter and Daylight Savings Time set to end on November 6, it’s time to prepare for riding in the dark. So, without further ado, here is 2011’s edition of the “Light Up Your Ride” blog post series. The key to riding safely in low-light situations (such as foggy or rainy […]

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Lights … Again!

Last month, we posted our annual Fall reminder about using lights at night. While many bicyclists are using lights and making visibility at night a priority, lots of people are still riding around in stealth mode, almost invisible. You’ve seen them too (or perhaps not!): People without any lights or reflectors; others with tiny, dim […]

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It’s Time To Light Up!

Today is the first workday since Daylight Savings Time ended, so almost all of us will be riding home after dark tonight. You need to be seen! What’s that you say – you can see well enough by streetlight/moonlight/starlight to get home? Maybe so, but riding in the dark is about 25% seeing where you’re […]

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