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Action Alert: Vulnerable Road Users Bill May Die In Committee

This is it. On June 1st, our Vulnerable Road Users bill will die in the Joint Committee on Transportation unless we can convince the committee to report it out. We’re not the only ones who think this bill is needed to protect bicyclists and pedestrians – many of you have voiced your support and so […]

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Action Alert: Call TODAY For Vulnerable Road Users Bill

We filed the Vulnerable Road Users bill in January 2011 as the next step in our ongoing legislative efforts to protect bicyclists and other vulnerable users of our roadways. The bill would increase fines for motorists who kill or injure vulnerable users, and would require road safety education and community service teaching others about interacting […]

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What’s With All The Hate?

I wasn’t really surprised by the recent screeds against bicyclists in the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. These seem to come in flurries every once in a while, first one media outlet, then others not wanting to be left out of the resulting mayhem. Generating controversy is a common tactic for the media, and […]

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