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Action Alert: Help Move Bill Before Legislative Session Ends!

We have a chance to move the bike lane protection bill forward this week! One of the bills we filed in the Massachusetts Legislature in January 2013 has a chance to move forward, but we need your help before midnight Thursday. The Act To Protect Bicyclists In Bicycle Lanes (S 1640) protects bicyclists by prohibiting motor […]

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Springfield Bike Lane Celebration

Springfield is well on the way to better biking, and when we look back we can say it all started with the bike lane on Plumtree Road. As we wrote about recently, it is thanks to our work with the City of Springfield and, specifically, the leadership of their Public Works Director Al Chwalek, that […]

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Construction Alert: Longfellow Bridge, Boston

We don’t usually issue alerts for local road construction, but this one will affect thousands of bicyclists daily for a few days/weeks. Bicyclists riding across the bridge from Cambridge to Boston are affected by construction near the Boston approach to Charles Circle. The bike lane and one travel lane are temporarily blocked to allow construction […]

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Ask MassBike: Pedestrian/Bicyclists Crash In Bike Lane, Legal Options?

We get a lot of questions here at MassBike, and we like to think we also give some pretty good answers. We realized that sharing these questions and answers on our website would be a valuable resource to others looking for the same information. We got this question from Jim about a crash in a […]

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MassBike Works With Other Advocacy Groups To Improve The Longfellow Bridge

MassBike, has teamed up with the LivableStreets Alliance, WalkBoston, and the Institute for Human-Centered Design to urge Highway Administrator Paiewonsky to improve pedestrian access to the Longfellow bridge. The existing proposal to repair the bridge did fix the pedestrian access, but did so by removing the bike lane as you approached Charles circle on the […]

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