Update: Globe Gives Cyclists A Say

After the anti-cyclist column last week, the Globe today printed Letters to the Editor from MassBike Executive Director David Watson and others. Most of the letters touch on the theme that there is a broader issue of mutual respect among all road users, and targeting cyclists is not the solution.

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One Response to Update: Globe Gives Cyclists A Say

  1. J. Bunzick July 29, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    I’m an occasional bike rider, occasional driver, and frequent pedestrian. I certainly don’t harbor the anger some drivers do towards bicyclists, and I drive carefully near bicyclists. I’ve been carefully observing bicyclists road behavior for a while now. Across the bicycling spectrum of age, gender, and bicycle type, cyclists nearly universally ignore traffic lights and pedestrian crosswalks. This is not behavior confined to messengers perceived as aggressive–everyone is doing it, and rather blithely I might add. Cyclists are either extremely ignorant of the law (and common sense safety) or believe that it just doesn’t apply to them. Recently for example, I actually heard a cyclist drive around cars stopped for pedestrians in a crosswalk, and warn them to watch out for the bike! I’ve nearly been hit by cyclists in Cambridge several times, by cyclists riding the wrong way on a one-way street and by those ignoring crosswalks. It seems almost unbelievable that drivers treat pedestrians much better than cyclists, but it’s true. I’m usually the only “chump” on a bike waiting for a light in a busy city intersection, or stopping for a pedestrian.

    So it is no wonder that drivers and pedestrians are angry at cyclists. I think by and large they deserve the criticism. Much greater efforts need to be made to educate cyclists and change their behavior. And, I would strongly support ticketing cyclists who blatantly ignore such laws.