MassBike Takes Third In MassCommuter Challenge

Courtesy of Joseph Marrone

This year, MassBike finished third in its size category (1-24 employees) in the MassCommuter Challenge, right behind Ciclismo Classico (2nd) and Urban AdvenTours (1st).  MassBike was honored with a certificate of accomplishment and a photograph on the winner’s pedestal.  For an organization with only three employees, we were quite happy to have logged 370 miles during the week-long Challenge.  Despite the rain, we each managed bike over 100 miles during the week, much of it commuting to different Bay State Bike Week events.

The rankings were the following:

Organizations 1 – 24 employees:

1. Urban AdvenTours
2. Ciclismo Classico
3. MassBike
4. Patagonia
5. Aliaswire

All organizations:

70. Digital Lumens
71. Mass Department of Energy Resources
72. Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
73. IHS
74. MassBike
75. Metabolix
76. Charles River TMA
77. UMass Amherst
78. Patagonia
79. Draeger Medical

Congratulations to all the organizations who participated, and we look forward to biking even more miles next year!

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One Response to MassBike Takes Third In MassCommuter Challenge

  1. Mark Kaepplein June 1, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    You were cheated! Contest Ciclismo Classico’s results! The owners live mere feet from the office!