Harvard Is Looking For Participants For A Helmet Study

The Harvard School of Public Health is doing a research study on head injuries among bicyclists.

Who can participate: Bike messengers and racers 18 years and older

What participation involves a 2-3 hr appointment at our Landmark Center research offices where you:

  • complete questionnaires about your history and behavior
  • take computerized tests of your brain function
  • have your brain’s electrical response to tones recorded
  • Contact from the research team over the next 3 years to identify if any head injuries have occurred.
  • In-person follow-up visits to the research office 1 and 6 months following any head injury, or possibly after another study participant experiences a head injury, for the same procedures described above.

You will receive $50 following each in-person visit.

To participate, or for more information, call Kimberly Newton at 617-384-8865 Or e-mail at knewton@hsph.harvard.edu

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