I Am A Musician, And I Ride

Here is another great story from our And I Ride campaign. We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great stories here.

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Our next story comes from Ken.

Where I Ride: To rehearsals, shopping, meetings, performances: wherever I can avoid driving!
How Often I Ride: Daily

My Story:

My bicycle is a one-speed Raleigh that I’ve owned for about 40 years. I live in Cambridgeport and bike year-round within Cambridge and to surrounding towns. Most of my biking is for utilitarian transportation, but I also try to fit in a daily 6-mile loop along the Paul Dudley White multi-use path on the banks of the Charles River three seasons a year to keep fit. I’m a former Chair of the Cambridge Bicycle Committee.

Thanks Ken!

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2 Responses to I Am A Musician, And I Ride

  1. Jonny Tsunami May 7, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    my name is jonny. i am 29 years old, a musician (guitar, ukulele, and most recently alto recorder!), a student, a proud dog owner (a mutt…the best breed ever!), and a military veteran. and yes, i ride. by most people’s standards, i do not ride very far. i take my bike to school (3.2 miles by car odometer), and for short trips around the neighborhood to the local coffee shop, etc. i have only been riding for about six months, but i have learned to enjoy the peace and solitude of simply cruising about on my wal-mart huffy. i ride a beach cruiser due to back injuries (upright position is a huge help!) sustained in Iraq, and i have accessorized my cruiser to fit my needs, and style. that’s right, my cruiser has a mirror, horn, cup holder for those morning classes when i need coffee, a bugle horn, and most recently a back rack. since i’m an electronic engineering student at a tech school, i frequently have classes in which i need to bring my tool box, and the back rack combined with a few bungees, keeps me from driving. i’ve found that when traffic is bad, i can bike it in, in half the time. when traffic is good, i’m within 5 minutes of driving time. and since the florida laws don’t permit me to wear headphones on a bike, i simply enjoy the surroundings. no, my bike story is not all that impressive, but i’ve grown to love it. i’m even considering upgrading from a fixed gear wally world huffy, to a decent three-speed cruiser. my advice to newbies (newer than myself): just go ride! tell the jerk motorists to stuff it, bring a spare t-shirt if you’re worried about sweating too much, and invest in a decent lock. just go ride.

  2. Phil Lindsay May 17, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    Get a picture of Jonny Tsunami and post that story! Great stuff!