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We got this question from James about riding from Alewife to Seaport district in Boston. We are not always able to answer route questions but we chose this one because so many people use the Minute Man Bike trail and it ends at Alewife.

At the transportation event today a work I was told by that someone at your office rides from Alewife to the Seaport area. Is it possible to get the names for the streets used?
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Hello James

I don’t ride from Alewife to the Seaport area exactly, but I do ride from Arlington to the Financial District. So most of this route is what I do every day. It’s almost all on-road, in traffic, but there are bike lanes most of the way between Porter Sq and Boston.

From the back of Alewife Station (the side where the elevator exits near one of the bike cages), follow the path through Russell Field to the Linear Path (it’s a little confusing so you may have to look around a bit). Take the Linear Path out to Mass Ave. Take Mass Ave to Porter Square. At Porter Sq, bear left onto Somerville Ave (to the left of the T station). If you don’t want to merge into the left turn lane at Porter Sq, stay in the bike lane and there is a ramp on the right onto the sidewalk to wait for a bicycle signal to cross the intersection. From Somerville Ave, take the first right onto Beacon St, which immediately curves to the left. Beacon St turns into Hampshire St at Inman Sq. Follow Hampshire St to the end, then take a left at the light onto Broadway. Take Broadway through Kendall Sq to the Longfellow Bridge. At the end of the Longfellow Bridge, go straight onto Cambridge St and follow to Government Center. Cambridge St turns into Tremont St. At Park St station, turn left onto Winter St, and continue straight onto Summer St. You can take Summer St all the way into South Boston, or turn left at South Station onto Atlantic Ave, then right at Congress St or Northern Ave to go directly into the Seaport area.

Hope that helps!

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2 Responses to Ask MassBike: Alewife To Seaport

  1. Charlie February 24, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    The Inman Square/Longfellow Bridge route as described above is a good one. I commute from Porter Square to the Financial District as well, and I’ve found an alternative route that is a bit flatter (it avoids the Longfellow Bridge and Beacon Hill). Instead of going right onto Beacon St, stay straight on Somerville Ave. At Washington St, continue straight onto Webster St, then turn left onto Cambridge St and cross into Boston by the Museum of Science. Then follow Martha Way and Merrimac St to Congress St, which can take you all the way to the Seaport District.

    Here’s a map

  2. tom April 9, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    I take a similar route as the first posting from Davis Square to Longfellow. but at Charles circle, I take a left on Charles street (very little traffic) and then take that to the Common (rather than Beacon street, have been jammed by traffic there) and cross the common to Tremont at Park Street station. Cross Tremont to Winter, to Summer through South Station area (and then melcher to A street then Dorchester ave to old colony to Morrissey, as I’m heading to UMass Boston area.
    (But would navigating to the Broadway bridge be better?)
    The tricky part is going back, to minimize time on Cambridge/Congress streets in Boston. The one-way streets make it difficult. I’ve been taking A street to Congress, crossing the congress bridge and hopping on to the harbor walk behind the Intercontinental, riding up the alley on the left side of Intercontinental, then crossing Atlantic Ave and taking Pearl Street to Franklin to the end, where it becomes Bromfield. Then Tremont to Park to Beacon to Bowdoin with a left at bottom of Bowdoin for a harrowing few blocks on Cambridge Street to the bikepath on Longfellow and the bikefriendliness of the People’s Republic of Cambridge.