Ask MassBike: City Of Cambridge Bicycle Parking Laws

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We got this question from Jean about bicycle parking laws in Cambridge.

I live in a condominium near Harvard Square where parking/storage of a bicycle is somewhat of a problem. We leave our bicycle attached to a ramp in the back of the building. Someone got his bike stolen 2 weeks ago. I wanted to know if there are any regulations regarding safe storage of bicycles in condominiums.

Hello Jean

You can find out about Cambridge bicycle parking laws in their handy bike parking brochure. (pdf)

This lists the relevant laws regarding bicycle parking. I would also suggest you put your bicycle in your home if possible. This will be the best option for your bicycle (it is out of the weather) and the option most likely to prevent theft.

If you don’t have the space you can buy small hooks that attach to the ceiling that allow you to hang a bicycle to reduce space needs.


Folding bicycles are also a good option for people with limited space as they fold down to be very small.


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  1. Charlie December 29, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    I live in a condo as well, and I store my bike just inside the door to my unit. I have a clear mat that I bought from the hardware store that I set my bike on in order to protect the carpet.