Cape Cod and Islands Chapter

Mission Statement: Cape Cod & Islands Chapter
Rob Miceli, President

The mission of the Cape Cod and Islands Chapter of MassBike is to promote the bicycle as a safe, healthful, enjoyable, and non-polluting means of transportation on Cape Cod and the Islands.


  • Acceptance of bicycling as a safe and enjoyable means of touring scenic Cape Cod and the Islands
  • Support of bicycling by government, law enforcement, and planning organizations devoted to sustaining the environment and ambiance of Cape Cod
  • Creation of a strong community of bicyclists on Cape Cod and the Islands through sharing of information, resources, and opportunities for bicycling in all its forms among enthusiasts and neophytes, residents and visitors
  • Promotion of a strong statewide MassBike through expansion of membership and sponsorship on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Program & Project Objectives:

  • Establish liaison with local governments and the Cape Cod Commission;
  • Establish a seat for MassBike on the Cape Cod Commission’s Transportation Program;
  • Encourage the formation of bicycle committees in the towns on the Cape and Islands and help them become effective advocates for bicycling in the community;
  • Support the passage of laws friendly to bicycle transportation in the Massachusetts legislature.

Legislation Projects:

  • Lobby legislators representing Cape Cod districts for the passage of legislation before the General Court, one that would pass into law such bills as one that clarifies the rules of the road for both motorists and cyclists;
  • Promote safe bicycling practices through education programs, public communications, and the support of appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Education Projects:

  • Run bicycle training and safety education videotapes on local community television stations;
  • Offer MassBike’s Cycling Skills classes, developed to help train participants to cycle more safely and effectively;
  • Promote and organize events that encourage bicycling to work and to school;
  • Promote the construction of facilities that encourage bicycling.

Design/Infrastructure Projects:

  • Work with MassHighway, the Cape Cod Commission, and town transportation agencies to design road reconstructions that are in compliance with the Massachusetts bicycle accommodation law (Chapter 90E, Section 2A);
  • Identify and map regional bike routes and work with the state, Cape Cod Commission, and towns to improve pavement conditions, and filling in gaps and missing connections;
  • Work with towns to become bicycle-friendly communities by designing facilities that invite people to bicycle to desired destinations such as town centers, historic sites and the Cape’s many beaches. Such facilities may include dedicated bike paths, route signs for cyclists, share the road signs, bike lanes on roads where feasible, bicycle logos painted on streets where feasible, and bike racks. Such efforts may include changes in bylaws and local comprehensive plans, and working closely with the towns department of public works.
  • Plan and support bicycle events and rides on the Cape & Islands in cooperation with organizations that promote a healthy environment and a reduction in automobile traffic.
  • Establish mechanisms for communicating matters of interest to bicyclists across the Cape and the Islands.

Media Projects:

  • Create a chapter website;
  • Issue timely press releases to the Cape Cod Times, local community newspapers, and public access television stations;
  • Maintain an email hot line for chapter members. Content may include organized events (rides, rallies and meetings); opportunities for cycling (guides to attractive routes and interesting sites to visit); legislation before the Massachusetts legislature affecting bicycling; local problems involving roadway design, construction, inappropriate enforcement, inadequate facilities; and solutions suggested or found.

Issued July 2005 (rev. September 2005)


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For more information on MassBike’s Cape Cod and Islands chapter, please contact chapter President Rob Miceli at 508-776-9290.